The Ultimate Guide to a FORTIFIED™ Roof: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know In 2024

by | Mar 18, 2024

Having a FORTIFIED™ roof in Alabama and Louisiana can make all the difference between a safe haven and a total disaster. It’s like a superhero for your house, protecting it from the wildest storms out there.

In this handy guide we’ll break down everything you need to know about fortifying your home in 2024, from the basics of what a FORTIFIED™ roof truly is, to the nuanced benefits it brings to your home and wallet.

What is a FORTIFIED™ roof?

A FORTIFIED™ home or building has undergone upgrades to various structural components that allow it to better withstand severe weather.

If you live in Alabama or Louisiana you know high winds, tornados, blowing rain and hurricanes are a frequent reality.

FORTIFIED™ roof upgrades are based upon standards set forth by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety.

There are three levels of fortification that a home or business can be certified with including Regular, Silver and Gold. Each level adds additional layers of protection for your home and its contents.

Once you’ve decided on the level of protection, it’s time to hire a contractor to perform the work involved in reinforcing your home or business.

Once your home or business is FORTIFIED™, you will receive a certificate good for 5 years. This certificate also allows you to receive discounts on homeowner’s insurance. However, you must renew your certificate every 5 years, typically in March with rolling dates.

Fortified homes also qualify for up to discounts of up to 52 percent on homeowner’s insurance premiums depending on your insurance carrier. Click here to review the insurance discounts available to Louisiana homeowners.

Homeowners in Coastal Alabama typically save up to 55 percent discount on their insurance premiums depending on the carrier and level of protection.

Homeowners further inland can save up to 30 percent on premiums.

Be aware, if you modify or remodel your home and its structure, additional documentation from the contractor who performed the construction on your home may be needed to recertify.

How much does a FORTIFIED™ roof cost?

Having your home FORTIFIED™ requires some structural upgrades to the roof, doors and windows, chimney and more. Depending on building codes and materials and labor costs in your area, the cost can vary.

Once the construction is complete, a contractor or designated evaluator needs to do an inspection to provide the certification needed (which is usually every 5 years).

The cost could fall between 1-3 percent of the total budget. A typical 2,000 sq ft. home could be $1,000 to $3,000.

Finally, for Alabama residents, the Strengthen Alabama Home (SAH) grant provides up to $10,000 to owners of existing homes to upgrade to a FORTIFIED™ standard. These grants are not based upon income.

Does my home qualify for upgrades?

Homes that qualify for the FORTIFIED™ certification include single family homes, two-family dwellings/duplexes, and townhomes (unit must extend from foundation to the roof).

Is a FORTIFIED™ roof worth it?

The short answer is YES!  When you fortify your home, you, your family and home are better protected from severe weather.

In addition, your insurance premiums will be less because of the Fortification certificate that is renewed every 5 years.

Finally, there is grant money that you can apply for to help cover some of the cost of fortifying your home. Homeowners can apply for these grants quarterly (or 4 times per year).  

How to apply for the grant program?

Owners of previously constructed homes can apply for the Strengthen Alabama Homes (SAH) grants to help offset the cost of upgrading to a FORTIFIED™ roof.

Grants are awarded up to $10,000 and are not based upon household income. Visit Strengthen Alabama Homes to apply or for more info.

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