How to Renew Your FORTIFIED™ Roof Certification in 2024

by | Mar 11, 2024

March is here! It’s time to renew your certification for your FORTIFIED™ Home. The process is simple and meeting the deadline is easy. In this blog post we’ll answer common questions about renewing your FORTIFIED™ roof certification and break down the process.

What you need to know about renewing your FORTIFIED™ roof certification in 2024

In the coming weeks, approximately 20,000 homeowners will receive notifications requesting to renew their statuses. If your home or business was last certified approximately 5 years ago, it may be time to re-certify!

Homeowners will be notified based upon rolling dates, so it is crucial to note the date listed on your home’s certificate. The certificate expires in 5 years from the initial date.

What is a Fortification Certificate?

This certificate is based upon an inspection (usually every 5 years) by a designated evaluator that verifies that your home’s current FORTIFIED™ status is still valid.

It certifies that your home with its structural enhancements will continue to hold up to high winds, flying debris and blowing rain from tornados, hurricanes and other weather-related storms.

What structural enhancements help to designate my home’s FORTIFIED™ Status?

A licensed contractor (we can provide a list of recommended contractors, if needed) can perform major, structural enhancements for the three levels-regular, gold and silver- of fortifying your home or business: Sealed and enhanced roof decking, locked down roof edges, added chimney bracing and anchoring, impact-resistant shingles, wind and rain-resistant attic vents, impact-resistant windows and doors, pressure-rated garage doors and more.

Why do you need to recertify your home?

It is important to recertify your FORTIFIED™ Home for the next 5 years to continue to maintain your discounted homeowners’ insurance premiums.

The recertification process is designed to not only verify your discounts for insurance purposes, but also ensure your home’s structure will continue to withstand the strong winds, blowing rain and flying debris from storms and other weather-related events.

How to renew your FORTIFIED™ roof certification

These certifications need to be performed by a certified evaluator. Additionally, if your home has been modified or renovated with structural changes, the contractor who performed the work may need to provide additional documentation for recertification.

If your recertification deadline expires, the homeowner will be required to pay an additional $50 processing fee.It is important to renew your home’s certification. Contact a certified inspector like Fortified Inspections to recertify your Fortified status for an additional 5 years.

You will receive documentation that you will share with your insurance company to receive their allocated discounts for having a FORTIFIED™ Home. To verify your recertification date, visit For more info., visit