Why having a FORTIFIED™ roof is so important in Alabama

by | Apr 29, 2024

Weather along the Gulf Coast can be unpredictable especially during hurricane season, which spans June 1st through November 30th. That’s why if you live in Alabama a FORTIFIED™ roof can help protect your home and its contents. 

Hurricanes and tropical storms can bring heavy rainfall, high winds (over 74+ mph), tornados and storm surge along the coastlines and even inland. These extreme weather conditions can damage homes and other property and be costly to repair even with homeowner’s insurance coverage.  

A FORTIFIED™ roof enhances your home’s current structure to better stand up to these storms, prevent damage and offer increased peace of mind during this season.

Why you need a FORTIFIED™ roof if you live in Alabama 

Alabama residents, especially those living along the Gulf Coast, understand the unpredictability of weather especially during hurricane season. 

According to the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, the average hurricane season produces 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes. Some of those will impact the Alabama Gulf Coast bringing high winds, tornadoes and coastal and inland flooding with much of the impact well outside the storm’s predicted cone or path. 

In 2023, there were 19 named storms with 7 hurricanes (3 of those were category 3 or stronger). There was one unnamed storm, one tropical depression and one potential cyclone based upon data from the National Hurricane Center

A FORTIFIED™ roof will help lessen the impact and damage from storms this season (and all year long) because of the structural improvements designed to hold up to the extreme weather conditions brought about by hurricanes and other unnamed storms.  

In addition, homeowners in Alabama can save up to 55 percent on homeowner’s insurance with a FORTIFIED™ roof. 

What are the key benefits of a FORTIFIED™ roof in Alabama? 

There are several benefits of having a certified FORTIFIED™ roof if you are an Alabama homeowner. 

  • Enhanced Protection: FORTIFIED™ roofs are designed and constructed to withstand the impact of high winds, rain and debris, offering better protection for homes and families during storms. 
  • Increased Safety: Occupants have a higher level of safety during severe weather events, reducing the risk of injury from flying debris or roof collapse. 
  • Reduced Property Damage: Their strength and durability can minimize damage to the roof structure, which in turn reduces repair costs and insurance claims for homeowners. 
  • Insurance Discounts: In Alabama, most insurance companies offer discounts of up to 55 percent for homes with FORTIFIED™ roofs since they are less likely to sustain damage during severe weather. 
  • Resilience: FORTIFIED™ roofs contribute to the overall resilience of communities by reducing the impact of severe weather events, helping homes and neighborhoods recover more quickly after storms. 
  • Longevity: FORTIFIED™ roofs are constructed with standards set forth by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) with high-quality materials and construction techniques, leading to increased longevity and fewer maintenance requirements over time. 
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your home is equipped with enhanced protection can provide peace of mind for Alabama homeowners, especially in areas prone to frequent severe weather events. 

Did you know there’s a grant of up to $10,000 for a FORTIFIED™ roof if you live in Alabama?  

Alabama homeowners with existing, single-family homes can apply for the Strengthen Alabama Homes (SAH) grants on a first come, first serve basis to help offset the cost of upgrading to a FORTIFIED™ roof. Grants are awarded up to $10,000 and do not have an income limit. 

Homeowners can apply for grants quarterly (or 4 times per year). For the remainder of 2024, grant applications will open on July 1st and October 1st for homeowners to apply. Visit Strengthen Alabama Homes to apply, or click here for more info about the program’s incentives

Choosing the right contractor

As with any home improvement project, it is very important to find and select the right contractor for the job. At Fortified Inspections, we maintain a list of highly qualified and experienced contractors whose work we trust to meet all the standards set forth by the IBHS. 

Our team of expert home evaluators can inspect your home or property to ensure that these standards (set forth to increase your home’s protection and value) have been met. 

We will then certify your FORTIFIED™ roof for 5 years to ensure it can stand up to coastal storms all year long. We will also provide written certification to pass along to your insurance company for any available discounts. 

If you need to renew your certificate then click here for everything you need to know about renewing your FORTIFIED™ roof certification in this year

Protect your home from severe weather with a FORTIFIED™ roof 

Protecting your home in Alabama is important all year long but especially during hurricane season. A FORTIFIED™ roof offers property protection and peace of mind during hurricanes and other storms experienced every year along the Gulf Coast. 

This essential upgrade not only protects your home but also your family and your belongings. And remember, the best time to secure your home is before a storm occurs! 

For more information about how our team can help with the fortification process and serve your home inspection needs visit us at https://www.fortifiedinspections.com or call (251) 348-7450.